Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kelly Wearstler Estate for Sale

The 11,300 square foot Hillcrest Estate in Beverly Hills, can be yours for only $46 million!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Birthday to me!

  And these guys..
John Krasinkski  b. 1979 - age 31
{my bday twin - same age, same year. such a hottie!}

Tom Petty  b. 1950 - age 60
Snoop Dogg  b. 1971 - age 39
TO 31!!

Libras born on October 20 embody the yin-yang principle: Duality is their defining characteristic. At times, they may appear aloof. October 20 people have profound intellectual potential, yet they may lack the discipline to study any subject in depth. They extract the information they need, then move on to something
else. These men and women are always striving to bring the two sides of their nature together. This may be done through their relationships, love affairs, career choices, or the way in which they present themselves. For them to understand themselves, they must accept their dark as well as their positive side.
You should embrace: Facts,tradition, persistence
You should avoid: Illusion, ego-issues, flamboyance

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

First Preview...

Hitting stores November 23rd! Too bad Dallas still does not have an H&M :(

image via here

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bedroom Inspiration

Some of my favorite beds and bedrooms...

{Bunny Williams}

{Kimberley Schlegel Whitman}

{House Beautiful}


{Michael Smith}

{Windsor Smith}


{Ashley Whittaker}

{Mary McDonald}

Happy Friday.... Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank

I just adore these photgraphs taken by Claiborne Swanson Frank. She is a self taught photgrapher who used to worked at Vogue and in the fashion industry before getting married and pursuing her life-long dream of photography. Her first exhibit titled "Indigo light" is a collection protraits of women in her life that inspire her. She is also working on a new series, focusing on women of her mothers generation. Can't wait to see more of her work!!

“My goal is to find something that takes your breath away… I dream to shoot my vision of spirit and soul. I set out to take portraits that capture women in their greatest beauty and truth, whatever that may be.” – Claiborne Swanson Frank

visit her website here

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lake Austin Spa

While in austin last weekend, I had the pleasure of spending Sunday at the renowned Lake Austin Spa & Resort. Apparently, it is the #1 destination spa in the country, and I can understand why! It is absolutely beautiful, the service is impeccable and the food was pretty great too! The interior design is so pretty, not cheesy zen like. We only spent the day there this time, but are planning on spending a weekend there next spring, now that we know how spectacular it really is. Below are some images, although it was hard to find pics of my favorite rooms, the pool, restaurant, etc. Next time I will take pics!

{above 3 images - the "blue" waiting room at the spa"}

{reading room - my favorite room!}

{The indoor pool barn}

It was the perfect day, thank you Lake Austin Spa!!