Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For The Well Dressed Pooch

How adorable and funny are these little outfits and accessories from Rover by RoverDog...

{Dory Dress}

{Seersucker Shirt}

 {Angler Shirt}
{Grandstand Dress}
 {Club Shirt with Necktie}

 {Matchpoint Polo}

{Cabin Peacoat}
{Westerly Trench}

{Starboard Anorak}

 {Jetty Bathing Dress}

{Holiday Pointed Collar}

{Seersucker Neckerchief}

{Plaid Bow Tie}

Now, if only I could get Gigi in the Grandstand dress or Jetty Bathing dress.... 

visit the store here


a whole lotta love said...

This makes me want to get a dog so much! These outfits are adorable! I randomly saw your pic when I left a comment on 'Cote de Texas' and I liked the necklace you are wearing in your pic :) I know.. so random, but I love turquoise.

Great blog by the way. I'm going to start following. Hope you'll check out my blog and do the same :)

Kelly said...

Ha! that is so funny... I have tried to change that picture a hundred times, and don't know why it centers right on my necklace and chest! I can't figure it out! Anyway... good to now I got a follower from my necklace :)