Friday, July 23, 2010

A Friday Favorite

I LOVE wallpaper. I would wallpaper every room in my house if I could, and I fully intend to do so, once I actually own a house! Ok... maybe not EVERY room. One of my absolute favorites is the Zebrine wallpaper by Rose Cummings, and I cannot wait til the day I can actually use it!

Total perfection! Mixed with a starburst mirror and gold framed artwork. This is so inspring to me. I love everything about it (and the whole apartment by Ashley Whittaker) which I will get to another day :). I literally drool looking at it!

A beautiful room by Robin Bell

WOW!!! Mixed with monogrammed and confetti and blue heart shams from D. Porthault! Makes my heart go aflutter.  Love that she papered the celing  as well. I would never get out of bed if this were my room!

Hope you have a great weekend!

image 1 & 2 via The Peak of Chic, Image 3 via Lonny

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