Friday, July 30, 2010

Oxford, MS

When my friend, Tiffany, posted yesterday about Garden & Gun Magazine, it immediately took me back to my days at Ole Miss, in Oxford, MS. Turns out Tiffany grew up with the wife of one of the contributing editors, John Currence,  who is the chef and owner of Oxford's best restaurant {this is a fact, I don't think anyone would argue with this!}  City Grocery. City Grocery is truly one of my favorite restaurants in the world! Their Shrimp & Grits is out of this world... you can actually find the recipe online here;   I just read on their blog they have opened up a new tasting bar in the back of the restaurant. I believe they still have the bar upstairs as well. It has been too long since I have been back to Oxford, but I am hoping to make it back this fall for a football game. First stop; City Grocery!!

While on the topic of Oxford, here are some pics of some of my favorite things there. Hopefully our fall trip will workout, I miss this little town soo much!


The Grove on gameday- nothing like it!


William Faulkner's home Rowan Oak

Ole Miss Lyceum

Lafayette County Courthouse
The Square
Ajax Diner... YUMMM!

Double Decker Arts Festival

Another great restaurant.. Taylor Grocery
Kudzu Trees

Hotty Toddy!!! Happy Friday!!


Tiffany said...

once again, i'm going to hide in your suitcase when you go. this town looks too adorable! i grew up going to pass christian, ms on the weekends but never ventured up north.

LV Cyp said...

I want to go with you!!! We sure did have some good times!