Thursday, August 26, 2010

Manuel Canovas

{Siam Toile - House Beautiful July/August 2010}

{Jouvence - Tori Mellot's Apartment in Domino}

{Jouvence in a closet - via apartment therapy}

{Pali wallcovering - Amanda Nisbet}

{Pink Pali on pillows via Joe Nye}

{Bragance on shade and table skirt above - by Joe Nye via apartment therapy}

{Pali in Blue}

{Pali on sofa}

{Trellis wallcovering}

{On drapery, headboard and duvet cover}

One of my all time favorite rooms!
{Above 2 images  - Bengale Toile - room by MMR Interiors}

{Nantes wallacovering - hall by MMR Interiors}

{Cerisy Toile}

{Madame Canovas' sitting room via little augury}


Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

That room with the twin beds and monogrammed pillows is breathtaking!! The colors are absolutely perfect. And the pictures on the wall! I swoon!

I want that room!

Happy Thursday, Kelly! xoxoxo

Kelly said...

Isn't it just one of the most perfect rooms you've ever seen - so unexpected and beautiful!! Happy Thursday to you too!!

Tiffany said...

MMR's rooms are my the hallway. But I also liked seeing two other images I've never seen before such as the bed in Pali/Blue and Madame Canovas's sitting room.

Hannah said...

OOhhh, these are so pretty! Such an elegant southern country style. LOVE that MMR room! I would put it in my house in a heart beat. I'm not brave enough, but that pink paper in the bathroom is divine! Happy Friday!


P.S. I mentioned you in my blog today.

dana said...

I love the touches of toile!! Cute blog, fellow Dallasite!

New follower